Researchers purchase QCM devices for use in testing new chemical receptors. A major player in the industry is Q-Sense from Sweden, who markets their QCM Analyzer to universities for $80,000. Their accessories, crystals etc are sold at a major expense.

This is a promising opportunity for Quansor. A Quansor Analyzer will be essentially the same simulator as is used by Quansor to test and calibrate its sensor products. There is no qualitative advantage to a Q-Sense Analyzer. The Quansor software may be better than the Q-Sense software now. The cost of the Quansor unit is about $2,000. The selling price remains to be seen.

Of further interest is that Quansor needs to have receptors created for it products. There are federal grant opportunities to fund the research. Quansor can participate in the research and sell its Analyzer as part of the grant project. As an inducement, Quansor can pay royalties to the participating universities for worthwhile receptors.