Dr. Linda Schweitzer of Oakland University in Michigan notes the importance of the technology.

“This technology provides an early warning system for alerting water plant operators of chemical contamination or terrorist attacks to the source water or to the distribution system. Safety cannot wait for samples to be shipped to and analyzed by MDEQ . There has to be real-time monitoring. These sensors can be added as they become available to an existing monitoring system. All waterways, including surface waters, water plants, drinking water distribution systems, and even stormwater and wastewater pipes can be fitted with sensors to alert for contamination. This will save potentially millions in cleanup and remediation costs in the environment by prevention and early detection.”

There are approximately 170,000 public water systems in the United States, of which 54,000 are community water systems serving large populations . Dr. Schweitzer states very clearly why these people need Quansor monitors.

The channel for this market is the network of environmental consulting firms who service these utilities.