Development Team

John H. Merrill, President

John is founder and owner of Quansor Corporation, formed in 2006.  He has a BA in math, chemistry from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Stanford University.  He served two years in the US Army Medical Service Corps during the Vietnam era, completing his tour as a 1st Lieutenant. He is a former IBM salesman on Wall St.   In 1989, he became acquainted with water treatment and later set out to develop monitors to verify that the treatments function properly.  He has two issued patents, US 5,990,684 and US 6,232,783.  He filed a new patent in October, 2015 with emphasis on separations, elimination of mechanical interferences and other continuous flow features for a QCM monitor. He resides in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Eric R. Becks, Electromechanical

Eric is President & CEO of the SSMart, a business incubator in Sault Ste. Marie. He is also Engineering Projects Manager for the LSSU Prototype Development Center. He attended Lake Superior State College for 2 years then went on to Michigan State University for a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and System Science followed by a Masters from MSU in the same discipline.

He has founded several manufacturing businesses focusing on electronics technologies. He is directing the creation of Quansor’s pre-production prototypes and will remain active with Quansor through its commercialization ramp up.

Wendell Wilson, Computer Technology

Wendell owns an 18-man software development company in Richmond, KY.  He is personally engaged with the Quansor’s technical development and manages the software/hardware development in a Quansor prototype lab located in his building.  WWC is also a website creation company, serving the Discovery Channel among its clients.

Alex Waldrop, PhD, Consultant

Alex is a chemist. He is the chief technologist with regard to the chemical receptors that have been created for the detection of inorganic and organic chemicals. Additionally, he is a key source for determination of chemical separations that may be employed. He resides in South Portland, ME.

Kirk L. Brown, Quabbin Environmental, Ware, MA

Kirk is a senior water technologies specialist and marketer. He will head up sales of the Quansor lead-detecting monitor.

Jerome N. Gould, Gould Marketing Services, Newton, MA

Jerry is a senior marketer to the kitchen & bath industry. He will head up sales of the Quansor point-of-use drinking water system to the 4,500 North American K&B dealers.

Frank L. Reed, Consultant

Frank is a former GE division president. He specializes in building companies, particularly with respect to (a) foreign and domestic outsourcing, (b) technology start-up production and (c) organizational development. He resides in IN and TX.

Craig Winter, President, AQWS, Brunswick, ME

Craig is a water treatment specialist.  His company serves Maine and New Hampshire, particularly for arsenic removal from their well water.  He has conducted market surveys for Quansor.  He stands ready to beta test arsenic monitors and to set up national distribution for Quansor.