Water Softener Controls


Water softeners remove hardness ions such as magnesium and calcium from household water by passing the incoming flow through ion exchange resins. Each incoming calcium or magnesium ion is replaced by a sodium [sometimes potassium] ion in the exchange process.

An issue is when to regenerate the resin bed, i.e., reverse the exchange process by replacing the previously adsorbed hardness ions with the sodium [or potassium] ions.
About 8 lbs of salt is used for each cubic foot of resin. The salt is passed through the resin based on either of two controls, (a) a timer and (b) a flow control. Homeowners are counseled to err on the side of caution. The issue with the salt discharge is both (a) the environmental impact of emitting salt into the groundwater and (b) the cost of the salt. There is a need to minimize the amount of salts used for water softeners.

The Quansor monitor at the outlet of a softener will trigger the regeneration when needed. It will minimize the salt discharges into the environment.

This is an OEM opportunity for Quansor.